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About Will Bullard

Will Bullard was a Harlem Globetrotter for 13 years and a three-time American Ninja Warrior Contestant. He’s also a certified personal trainer and he’s looking forward to kicking off Will Bullard Basketball in partnership with Sonoma Fit. 

Personal Training - All Ages

1 on 1

PT 2 - group of 2

PT4 - group of 4

Basketball Player Development

Basketball player development is for anyone looking to learn the game of basketball or improve their game of basketball! Being a complete basketball player comes with more than a jump shot or basketball handles, but you have to have strength and be very well coordinated to achieve the goals you want in basketball! 


Camps and Clinics - Age 8-12

"My goal is to boost the moral of every kid aspiring to be a great athlete, to give the kids confidence and the self-esteem they need to succeed at the next levels of basketball, and life."