Cycle: Indoor cycling is an intense, low impact cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels.  Our amazing instructors will take you through various drills designed to get your heart pumping and sweat flowing. Burn calories and improve your overall fitness while listening to driving music on our state of the art sound system.  Please show up 15 minutes prior to the start of class if it’s your first time, we will fit you to your bike and you’re all set!

Circuit Cycle: 30 min. in the cycle studio and 30 min. of strength training.  You will never get bored with constantly changing format of this class.  Weights, kettle bells, sand bells, resistance bands, and medicine balls are just some of the equipment used in this challenging format.  Designed for all fitness levels and modifications will always be given.


TRX Cycle: 30 min. in the cycle studio and 30 min. using the TRX suspension trainer.  The best of both worlds!  This highly effective combination of cardio and strength training will whip you into shape fast!  TRX Level One is highly encouraged prior to signing up for this class.


Core Cycle: 30 min in the cycle studio and 30 min in studio using the TRX suspension trainer, K.B., sand bells and weights.

Metabolic Meltdown: Get in shape fast! This class is designed to challenge you in every way.  Combining strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio intervals…every workout is different, making it virtually “plateau proof”. Good for most fitness levels and modifications will always be given.

TRX Level One: Improve strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using the TRX suspension trainer.  TRX leverages gravity and the users own body weight to complete hundreds of highly effective exercises.  This class is for beginners and is highly recommended prior to taking any of the other TRX classes offered at Sonoma Fit.

TRX Strength: This class is for those wishing to improve overall strength using the TRX suspension trainer.  The instructor will take members through a series of body weight exercises designed to increase lean muscle mass and build core strength. Appropriate for all fitness levels but at least one TRX Level One class is highly encouraged before enrolling.

TRX Circuit: If you’re looking to combine TRX suspension training with cardio drills, this class is for you!  More fast paced than the strength class, instructors will design a circuit using other equipment (i.e.. weights, kettle bells, resistance bands) and a cardio component will be included.  Always changing and always fun, you’re guaranteed a great workout! TRX Level One is highly recommended prior to enrolling in this class.


Shockwave: Dubbed the most efficient workout in the world, Shockwave is extreme cross training at it's best. This circuit challenge utilizes a rower to provide short burst, high intensity, calorie torching intervals along with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to target and chisel the legs, the core and the arms. You will find yourself working harder than you ever imagined because of the comraderie, friendly team competition and motivation designed to push you to your max effort and provide extreme results.


Inferno Sculpt: A high energy, fun and challenging workout that will tone and test your body. Utilizing a ballet barre, this class incorporates isometric movements, pilates, yoga and resistance training. A great low impact option that is sure to raise your heart and improve cardiac health. This format is suitable for all fitness levels with modification and progression options provided. Did we mention that this class is taught in a hot room?  Sweating is mandatory! See you in the studio.

Circuit Training 101: A strength based class with an emphasis on maintaining mobility and flexibility.  Burn calories while improving overall health and fitness.  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

So Fit Strength: If you are looking to increase overall strength and improve muscle tone this is the class for you. The low impact, low cardio class format will change each week, using a variety of equipment and training techniques to get your body into shape. A plateau proof workout that is appropriate for most fitness levels.

Yoga: A dynamic, vigorous form of vinyasa yoga. Synchronizing breath with movement, you will gain strength, flexibility and balance…be prepared to break a sweat!